Friday, June 26, 2009

The Eagle Has Landed

While boating over Memorial Weekend, we decided to hunt the eagle's nest which we heard was nesting a couple of chicks. I was so disappointed not to spot any activity around the nest. As we turned the corner at the north end of Pony Island, I spotted what I thought was a vulture in a tree. Since they are so common, I didn't think twice about it until something in me said, grab those binoculars, dummy! Of course I usually pay attention to the little voice speaking, so I did. Imagine my surprise when that vulture was actually one of the eagles. I put my hand out in the "stop" position to my husband and pointed up, shoved the binoculars in his hands and grabbed my camera. Since there were leaves in the host tree, it was difficult to get a clear shot, but here is one which turned out pretty well. In fact, I submitted it to the Indian Lake Current and they published it on the front page. I felt honored! A couple of local residents filmed the pair of chicks and posted it to YouTube. This is the first time in over 100 years a eagle has nested in the area. There have been eagles in most zoos we've visited, but the thrill of seeing one in the wild is a great feeling! They are truly a magnificent bird!


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