Thursday, April 23, 2009

It's Spring!!!

Springtime at the lake is such a special time! I love watching the re-birth of Nature after a nice winter’s nap. Leaves uncurl and reach upward and tender flowers break through the soil in search of nourishment that the sun provides. The lily pads appear almost overnight and the birds return home. Some never leave and ride out the winter at Indian Lake.

It’s always fun to identity our “regulars” – those Mallards that know we keep corn on hand for them. They’ve been coming back for generations and actually waddle into the garage in search of the sack of corn. Even the squirrels know where we keep the stash!

Sitting outside this beautiful spring afternoon, the lake is calm and birds are singing. The distant hum of a boat motor can be heard. I’m surprised there aren't more out taking advantage of this great day. Glancing up just now I see one of the resident Eagles soaring overhead. We found it’s nest, which is gigantic compared to the Blue Heron nests. This is the second time I’ve see the eagle. Last week one was perched in a tree waiting patiently for dinner. Note to self: NEVER leave home without the camera and zoom lens!

While in search of the eagle’s nest, I watched the swans by Long Island. One male was gracefully performing his “swan song.” They are truly beautiful creatures.

The Purple Martins should be returning any day now. We have a multi-floored lake house just for them! We mark on the calendar each year the first day they’re spotted so we can get the lodge ready for them.

On a sad note, our stately willow tree, a landmark on Cranberry Bay for many, many years, lost a huge limb during a wind storm a few months back. Unfortunately, the trauma has robbed it of most of its life and will need to be cut down. Gone are the days of the grandkids scurrying up to jump off one of the limbs into the lake.

As I finished writing this blog, two Purple Martins flew over. The scouts are out! Time to get the, “Open for the Season,” sign out!


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